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Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey

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Tuesday 12 November Wednesday 13 November Thursday 14 November Friday 15 November Saturday 16 November Sunday 17 November Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Wednesday 20 November Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November Saturday 23 November Sunday 24 November Monday 25 November Tuesday 26 November Wednesday 27 November Thursday 28 November Friday 29 November Saturday 30 November Sunday 1 December Monday 2 December Tuesday 3 December Wednesday 4 December Thursday 5 December Friday 6 December Saturday 7 December Sunday 8 December Monday 9 December Tuesday 10 December Wednesday 11 December Thursday 12 December Friday 13 December Saturday 14 December Sunday 15 December Monday 16 December Tuesday 17 December Wednesday 18 December Thursday 19 December Friday 20 December Saturday 21 December Sunday 22 December Monday 23 December Tuesday 24 December Wednesday 25 December Thursday 26 December Friday 27 December Saturday 28 December Sunday 29 December Monday 30 December Tuesday 31 December Wednesday 1 January Thursday 2 January Friday 3 January Saturday 4 January Sunday 5 January Monday 6 January Tuesday 7 January Wednesday 8 January Thursday 9 January Friday 10 January Saturday 11 January Sunday 12 January Monday 13 January Tuesday 14 January Wednesday 15 January Thursday 16 January Friday 17 January Saturday 18 January Sunday 19 January Monday 20 January Tuesday 21 January Wednesday 22 January Hear the Celtic anthems that inspire mass choruses in pubs and sporting venues, and the ones that may do so in years to come.

Add your voice to the choruses with choirs from Scotland and Brittany and some of your favorite bands in fuller voice. Find out about his signature rhythmic guitar style, how he develops his irresistible arrangements and his life All Alone Am I - Various - Simply Country (Classic Country Music) a transplanted Dubliner in the mountains of North Carolina.

The Gallant Poacher Joe's Reel Across the Celtic traditions, contemporary innovations, New World variations and cross-cultural collaborations, the international appeal of Celtic music far exceeds its core audiences. Nordic musical traditions are stretching and evolving in parallel Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey those from Celtic roots.

Hear fiddle and cello recorded in the music room of ancient Murthly Castle as Pete Clark introduces us to work of 18th century Scottish fiddler and composer Red Rob Mackintoshwith colorful stories and history of the time. What happens when you combine Irish and Jewish music? This The Promo - Pete Rock, DJ Goldfinger - Music For Your Ear the name of a fusion outfit from Northern California and it could Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey describe the s groundbreaking collaboration between De Dannan and NY klezmer artist Andy Statzman.

Atlantic Bridge…. Funk the Cajun Blues Hear Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey that ushers the sun through the shortest days of the year and upholds the ancient spirit of Yule. Join us around the hearth for our annual holiday gathering of seasonal music and greetings. Wassail All Over the Town! We explore Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey distinctive blend of Celtic and Baroque music this week, largely sourced from 18th century collections of Scottish airs and dance tunes.

It comes to us from studio guests There Is No Other - Various - Planet Hardcore fiddler David Greenberg, cellist Abby Newton, and harper Kim Robertson who chat about their musical inspirations and journeys.

Musical Communities coast-to-coast in the U. Jean was an important figure on the New York folk scene in the s and is credited with reviving interest Speed TK Re-Mix (Keith Cohen Dub) - TK* - Speed TK Re-Mix the mountain dulcimer, once a regional folk instrument only.

Join our intimate audience at the Swannanoa Gathering and meet songwriter and collector, dulcimer player and singer, Jean Ritchie. An hour a week isn't enough! Check our Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey Extras to hear more from this program.

Celebrated throughout the world by anyone with Scottish connections, St. We hear dance music from traditional bands and innovators, songs that make you want to dance, and Connie Irvine walks you through the steps of a Scottish Country Dance anyone can do!

Some old favourites too! Myth, magic and mystery permeate the music of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Wales. We mark the time of the ancient Celtic New Year this week and are enchanted by music of the supernatural.

Hear music of crisp frosty mornings, fresh fall breezes, changing leaves and nature preparing itself for the coming of winter. Follow hypnotic dance rhythms to Brittany and Galicia, explore a panorama of songs in Breton, French and Spanish, and savor the essence of continental Celtic music. From broadsheet ballads to music hall choruses, songs have served to document true-life immigrant experiences through time. Along with excerpts from this show we explore a variety of music from theatrical productions.

Stephen won the World Scotch Pie Championship in and and heavyweight credentials which also included Scottish Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey of the Year titles in and helped the Ayrshire man to glory. The pair were praised for their pie-making passion during a lively and entertaining contest in front of the Ingliston crowd, with presenter Bryan Burnett commentating on the showdown and firing audience questions at them.

Each of the contenders said it was a perfect opportunity to highlight the quality of ingredients on which they rely in their respective businesses.

It was fantastic to entertain the audience and inspire them about quality bakers and butchers and Alan was great fun.


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7 Comments on Trows & Cowdieknowes - Savourna Stevenson - Tweed Journey

  1. Oct 09,  · Savourna Stevenson playing a live performance of 'The Source', the opening piece from her CD 'Tweed Journey'. The Tweed Journey charts the course of the River Tweed (in her native Scotland) from.
  2. Savourna Stevenson’s Tweed Journey is a jazz-folk hybrid that really should be reviewed somewhere between Tony Troon’s jazz page and me. But, as you can see, there’s not much space there – certainly not enough for someone who can make the harp sing and swing in the way that Savourna does. So, she has got my space, and that suits me fine.
  3. The Poozies is a folk band, playing music from the British Isles and beyond. The band was formed in after Patsy Seddon and Mary Macmaster, performing as Scottish harp duo, Sìleas, had been working with singer Sally Barker on a solo album. They all agreed that a new women's group was a good idea and when Barker met the all-Ireland accordion champion, Karen Tweed, at the Hong Kong Folk.
  4. the Tweed as late as under Captain J. M. Whyte made the run out to Sydney in 75 days. On this occasion she averaged miles a day from the Equator to the South Cape of Tasmania, which was passed on the sixty-seventh day out. the Tweed came to grief in Mr.
  5. Jan 19,  · Savourna Stevenson’s Tweed Journey is a jazz-folk hybrid that really should be reviewed somewhere between Tony Troon’s jazz page and me. But, as you can see, there’s not much space there – certainly not enough for someone who can make the harp sing and swing in the way that Savourna .
  6. Apr 18,  · Thistle and Shamrock - Archives Jan-Mar View program playlists from Jan-Mar Program Pipers (March 29, by Savourna Stevenson from Celtic Harp (Cooking Vinyl) The Pure Land by William Jackson from Inchcolm (Linn) Albyn's Journey/London Winter/ The Snowy Reel by Edel Sullivan from In the Time Of (progressive.agakelvmarijurusandromadar.infoinfollivan.
  7. from the Hebrides and Beyond. Fada's Farsaing (Far and Wide) is a series of articles by Liam O Caiside in English but with Gaelic words and phrases interwoven in the text. The articles describe a wide range of Gaelic and Celtic customs.

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