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Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game

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With : Botany Boys. With : Life. With : Ace Deuce. With : Fat Pat. With : The Most Hated. With : F. Fifth Ward Circle. With : Dead End Alliance D. With : Mr. With : Big Snap. With : Down South Deficit. With : Backwoodz Records, Various. With : E. With : Big Face Tulu. With : PSK With : Big Pokey. With : Ice Water Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game.

With : Mista Madd. With : Crazy. With : D. Doing Only What's Necessary. With : Rally Boys. With : Servin Tha World Click. With : Drew Young. With : Luscious Ice. With : 2 Phace. With : Lil Black. With : Partners-N-Crime. With : Day 4 Day G'S. With : Mobb Figgaz. With : Woss Ness. With : The Cirkle. With : Shunny Pooh. He spoke on a wide variety of topics. Below are youtube clips of various highlights as well as a link to the entire interview.

Different accounts of Eazy dying almost broke, the supposed beating, and Jerry Heller getting fired! Below is the entire interview on youtube as well as a download link. NWA Gary Ballen joins the archive. You had beef, you had drama,you Four Seasons In One Day - Crowded House - Woodface sex, you had death, and you had Hip-Hop and you had star appeal.

They had everything in that movie. Chuck reminisced about touring on the road with Ice-T and much more during this legendary interview. Check out the full interview below. Michael and Yesterday. Michael goes back all the way to the Judgement Day era as it is an updated version of the classic Fallen Angel. My other favorite track on the album is the song Everything Dead featuring Mastamind.

They are talking about how Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game world is, especially in Detroit, full of burnt up homes, losing loved ones like TNT RIPand every day struggles. Over Torna A Surriento - Luciano Pavarotti - Canzoni Napoletane other than maybe a couple tracks that had industry sounding beats, this was a real well put together album.

In fact I will go as to far as to say that this is my favorite Esham album since Tongues. Our archive is home to interviews with some of the biggest names, groups, and labels in the history of the genre. Build up your resume and become part of our historical Rap Music Archive! Also several of our shows have broke through mainstream media landing on virtually every major media outlet in Hip-Hop as well other news outlets, so there is always a chance that the show you are on will Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game viral!

Naturally I was very excited to give this a go since I have heard great things about this particular plugin. I started out by doing some research and reading up on what some people found where the most unique things about this emulation vs other ones.

Now most people will think duh its because you are adding saturation and stuff it will change its response which Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game half true. The next part and probably the most important part of this plugin I wanted to focus on was its eq section. One huge thing I find a problem with emulations of classic analog gear is that they often have a huge CPU hit. That is exactly where this plugin was really surprising.

Overall this was a fantastic plugin and a great deal of fun to play with and learn to use. And maybe adding this to a channel strip like plugin emulating the actual channel strip of a classic NEVE console. Overall this plugin was a amazing tool and now sits on my top emulations list. CPU hit is very good for a plugin that does such a good job emulating a classic peace of gear. Incorporating this into a channel strip like plugin for a true using the console feel and workflow. Yeah, me too.

Mixx liked what he had heard and immediately brought the Clan to Luke Records to meet Luke directly. Mixx and featured a mixture of Bass music and dirty explicit lyrics but they also had that hardcore street shit.

That is what separated them from alotta of people coming out of the South East at the time. Once again the legendary Mike Fresh who is actually one of the pioneers of the Atlanta rap scene, supplied the dope production. This was the last album other than a greatest hits project that was released some years later. But all 4 Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game their original albums charted and made impacts in their own way. Maybe one could hope for a reunion in At no time should PC be left out of any discussion about Southern Hiphop legends and pioneers.

He was driving and struck a parked van, he was thrown from the vehicle. Who is TNT? I did not know TNT personally, but through his music I felt I was able to connect with a very talented and highly underrated artist.

An artist that was virtually slept on his whole career. Along with Esham, and Mastamind, the trio set the stage literally on fire and blazed trails that many others have followed. One of the things I always wanted to hear was a TNT solo album. Acid Rap opened up doors for many and TNT was a major factor. But once the group formed you could tell this was something that was never heard before within the rap game. You had a trio of terror bombing the shit outta the rap game and making an impact felt from state to state.

Detroit and the Mid-West cannot deny who set the bar, nor who kicked shit off. Your average person thinks Eminem is the Godfather of Detroit Hiphop, but who made it possible for him? RLP made it possible! Regardless of the music left behind, the legacy, the memories, there is a young man who will no longer be able to see his family gone forever. Enjoy this YouTube Mix of some of his solo songs.

Memphis rap has to be one of the most influential yet A La Carte - Snapshot - Snapshots Bedste cities in the rap game. So many hits came outta the M-Town, many of which are only known by the underground community. Memphis has a forgotten pioneer who stood his ground and fought hard at a time in rap when such legends as 2 Live Crew, Geto Boys, NWA, and Public Enemy were dominating the charts.

I am referring to Memphis rap pioneer Gangsta Pat. Gangsta Pat signed to Atlantic Records being the first artist outta Memphis to sign a major deal. This was when he was only a teenager fresh off the hard streets of Memphis. Coming from a young kid this was a huge decision to make, especially with your debut album, but Pat stood his ground against the cops and exercised his right to freedom of speech. Later on Pat continued to drop classic after classic on an underground level reaching loyal fans around the world.

Find his name in the scroll down menu on the main page. Also a few years ago Pat put out a great documentary which touched on not only his career but his life. Check it out below. In the early s Rapalot Records had the South on lock. NIP along with several members of the South Park Coalition continue to this day to release new material. In fact through out most of his career he rarely did interviews at all.

If he got press it was usually something negative such as with the Ronald Ray Howard case, where Howard murdered a patrolman and then blamed it Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game the music of Tupac, Scarface, and Ganksta NIP among others.

Before too long NIP was on siccness. It is only a matter of time before the right person sees the Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game of the Horrorcore Pioneer. What is the significance to Ganxsta NIP getting press in when he should have been getting it for the last two decades?

The significance is his contributions to rap were so huge that they were pretty much swept under the rug. The story of NIP and what he created and contributed is now being told to the world via some of the biggest media outlets not only in rap but in news print. Not only has he gained long overdue props, but he has also proved that he can still be a contender against anyone.

His music is on point and the God of Horrorcore proves that. Hella weed smoke, plenty of action, people getting shot up, and a dope literal concept. It will make you think that something like this could and does happen all the time.

The acting is good, the production and editing is on point, I enjoyed this film. With out giving too much away cop this project ASAP, fire up some funk and watch this movie. Some of you might not know what a telephone effect is. Often times heavy compression is added to a track to keep its level sounding consistent like in radios and phones, Reverb and light delay can be added for a effect or to help simulate a slight slap from a radio in a room.

In this video I will be showing how I like to use a telephone effect with a smooth short delay when mixing background vocals that have been double tracked to add some spice. Often times I find that background vocals in mono with such a effect can add a nice color and help enhance a mix. In most cases automating this effect is a fantastic trick that can help you add spice to only parts you want.

In this case I found that since the vocals where tracked well but not perfectly the delay and telephone effect would go perfect on both vocals panned wide and staying in the mix.

Many people often add extra colors to this effect. Tony the developer is a great guy and has really made a amazing plugin It can have that warm tube sound a nice bit crusher a fuzz pedal or a nice analog desk with many saturation degrees and modes.

For more info on this you can check out some of my earlier videos or posts. As always you must remember that when mixing music there is no wrong way to do things. International shipping will be more. To order shirts and get more info on shipping email E-Moe at emoe aol. So earlier this week I did a video about using Lofi as a way to emulate the bottom snare mic by using lofi as a insert in pro tools.

Today I will be talking about how to further get into sound designing a whole track to sound like a bottom snare mic on its own fader. Whenever I need to or want to change a sound completely while keeping some aspects of the original I like to do whats called Parallel processing.

In Parallel Processing you basically ether make Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game copy of the original audio track or use a send in pre fader to make a copy and use that track to completely change the way the audio sound and treat it like its own microphone or audio track. This method is great for many things, usually for enhancing elements to extremes because of the total lack of something you wanted to add.

Lofi is a free Pro tools stock plugin, meaning that it comes stock with all versions of pro tools. Many people often think that the stock plugins are not very good and California Bound - New Birth - Platinum City to go 3rd party plugins to help when mixing or enhancing sounds. Today I opened up a old session that I had recorded a few years back and listened to the drums.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of bottom snare mic in the recordings. After a few minutes of messing with eqs and compressors and saturation plugins I remembered that I had Lofi, Now Lofi might not sound the best on a mix or enhance things the most dynamically but it has some very important and key functions as well as many many ways you can saturate or distort a sound.

My Personal favorite thing to use lofi for is for enhancing top end on sounds that need that white noise kind of sound. If you bring the noise up in lofi you get this white noise the more you bring it up the louder it is and after much listening I noticed it sounded just like a bottom snare when brought in just enough.

The distortion helped add some overall compression and harmonics to the signal to help it sound more exciting while the noise added the sound of a bottom snares actual snare part.

The key to using something like Lofi as a insert is to keep in mind that adding to much and making it sound like all snare bottom will also give you a lack of snare top so you have to bring it in subtly enough to not destory the core sound but just enough to enhance the attack and give the high end excitement to the sound with the noise knob. All while using the distortion section to add compression and thus extending the decay of the sound then using the Saturation knob to help tame out some of Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game excess harsh top end overtones you get.

The ability to record just อัด - สะ - จอ - รอ - หัน - Uranium * - อัด - สะ - จอ - รอ - หัน in many formats WAV, WMA and MP3 and sample ratestake Benny Zen The Recording Artist Ft. The Syphilis Madmen - Go Out And Love The People, record video and even full screen video games up to Frames Per Second when recording video games and 30 when recording normal video.

When recording Games LightCam HD also Allows you to lock your frame rate for more consistant screen capures on games and when recoring video and genreral recordings lets you chose your own size of screen capture as well as customize the size of the box, along with clicking on whatever screen you wish to capture great for capturing one of two screens. LightCam HD has the ability to choose between many internal and external video formats to choose from.

This way you can pick whatever format has the best quality vs performance. With a very sleek and cool looking mouse click and highlight color control you can be sure to never let a click or even the mouse be lost if you so choose.

There are many more features to boats about Including, What Audio Device you want to capture perfect for someone like me who uses a audio interface to listen and record my playback from pro tools for audio tutorialstittle screens that allow you to have your own custom tittle that starts in the beginning of the recording, a credits section and Logo setup for if you do not have your own video edeting software to edit the final product on, A timer recording to set time limitations, the ability to convert video, audio and extract audio from the captures and much more.

I highly recommend using it for whatever screen recording, audio, game recording, and snapshot needs. Now There are some key features that I would love to see maybe enhanced upon.

The free trial watermarks all your video and from what I noticed seems to limit the recordings a little but is a great way to get to know it Grab your free trial today. Its interface is quite simple but under the hood it is anything but simple. Harmonic enhancement : Add Gritty or a mellow tone to any sound that can help fill out any source Audio. This is controlled by the Response section the more you turn it to the left the darker and more it saturates the low end. Common Uses I find this for is De-essing audio that has overly harsh top end.

Going to the right does the exact opposite effect this is great for enhancing the top end and adding shine do a dull track. When turned to the right you do less saturation and less compression. The way IVGI reacts to audio when turned to the right feels more like a gritty almost spiky style of saturation it lets the transients through Rot Ist Der Wein (Spanish Eyes) - Captain Cook Und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Aber Dich Gibts Nur so when it does saturate you can almost hear it getting hit hard only by peaks and such.

X-talk is the way the left and right side of the plugin bleed into each other giving more of a vintage feel. The Drive section chooses how much you saturate the signal the other controls always are in effect so this is the way you choose if you want to just color the Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game with no real audible distortion, or you can really kill Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game crush the signal with saturation.

Even if you drive the signal all the way you will not have a over compressed sound that lesser saturation plugins do to enhance level without really filling things out. The meters are VU meters calibrated to VU. Input, in-out which is the difference Dont Stay Home - 311 - Greatest Hits 93 - 03 the in and output I use it as a Gain reduction meter.

Output is well the output. Since the founding of UGS in it has been an uphill struggle. Even further back to when the Murder Master Music Show first debuted online we received little to no attention from the lame-stream even though we were doing shit no one else was. In after a 3 year run we decided to stop the show. Immediately we started doing shows that no one had even dreamed of. Through it all Siccness. They recognized the shit we were doing was historical in the rap world. At the beginning of the year we finally started to hit the Lame-Stream.

We interviewed AP-9 and of course Siccness broke it for us first, but this time something was different. Next thing you know the show is on Vlad, Worldstar, Allhiphop, and several other sites. A few months later we did a show with Yuk and Hiphopdx Geto G Street - Mr Coop* - Geto G / 99 / Poisonous Game it.

The very next week we did a show with Mr. Serv-On and DX once again covered the show. I am glad this time it was not about a sex scandal but rather an icon who is no longer with us. The true pioneer of that real shit! To whom ever the fuck is concerned or sensitive. More importantly we lost a friend.

Mathew Molnar was only 30 years old and was taken from us too soon. Below How I Sang Dang - Archie Bronson Outfit - Derdang Derdang a little info about our friend.

Mathew was from Australia and he loved rap music. He told me it was his peace and his way to reflect on things. He especially liked the kind that had substance and truth. UGS is all about truth and substance, with no bull shit and that was the way Mathew liked his music. He really liked the music of C.

Mathew especially liked C. In fact that bond became a brotherhood. I will never forget how honored Mathew was when C. He loved UGS Radio, the Podcast which he was a guestthe magazine, the compilation, and virtually everyting that came out from the members. He supported us all! I was able to talk to Mathew on skype and several times our conversations were about real life, different things around the world, music, UGS business, and anything friends could talk about.

Top 20 Vol. Dilznik - Dr. Dilznik Dr. Dre - Exclusive unreleased Dr. Dre - The Chronic Dr. Dre - The Chronic Instrumentals Dr. Dre feat. Dre Presents - The Aftermath Dr. Octagon - VLS Dr. Esham - Judgement Day Vol. Gift Promo Single F. S Flesh-N-Bone - T. Thats Life Dogs I. Life Inna Madness - D.

Dandridge - Non-Equivalent J. Hawg - Home Grown J. Life And Times Of S. Kiotti Single K. Jeckill And Mr. K Mafia - The Committed For You - Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way. Cipha - Deadly Nightshade L.

Cipha - Mental Hellth L. Realist - The 6'6 Realist Lavel - Mr. Joe Hooker a. Lunasicc Luni Coleone - Lunicoleone. Presents: Thugaholic M. L - Keep Steppin Ward M. Mack - Macknificent M. Original Mac Mall - Illegal Business? Bix - Self Titled Mr.


Nobody Can Say - Various - Wasted Past Volume Two, Nobody Can Say - Various - Wasted Past Volume Two, Todas Las Flores - Presuntos Implicados - Selección Natural (Grandes Éxitos), Jimi Blues (Live) - Gerry Joe Weise - Live And Proud, I Need Love - Various - Into The Groove, Gebed Om Vrijheid - Sela - Koninkrijk, Dog And Pony Show - Shellac - At Action Park, The Last Ride - Hank Snow - The Complete US Country Hits 1949-62, Someday Soon - Suzy Bogguss - Aces, Yesterday (Chopin) - François Glorieux - Plays The Beatles Vol. 1 & 2


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